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Andy Warhol’s Pop Art

EvAn D الجمعة، 16 أبريل 2010


The term "Pop Art" emerged from the pen of English critic Lawrence Alloway in the late 1950s to describe what he viewed as a contemporary attitudinal shift in subject matter and techniques of art. Instead of rarefied content like Bible stories, myths, or legends that had traditionally been the subjects of Fine Art, Pop Art saw the increasing spread of corporate marketing through western culture as inspiration to take commerce itself as the subject of artistic scrutiny — and that it was every bit as artistically worthy

Andy Warhol
a pioneer of the Pop Art movement and one of the most influential, 
creative and prolific artists of the 20th century

Andy Warhol’s pioneering Pop Art defined a decade and a culture, distinguishing him as one of the most influential, creative and prolific artists of the 20th century. Originally the most sought-after commercial artist in New York, Warhol (1923 – 1987) is most known for his multiple images of Campbell’s Soup cans, Coke bottles, dollar bills and celebrities, which exalted the beauty within ordinary objects and familiar images. Working out of a studio called The Factory, he invented the silkscreening process which enabled him to mass produce a single image in his signature style. Warhol was also a talented filmmaker, music producer, commercial illustrator, author and magazine publisher

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